Standard Booking Package:

  • 2 Hours Live Band performance
  • 4 piece band
  • Free Party Music 7pm-12am
  • PA & Lighting
  • £10m Public Liability
  • Insurance & PAT Certification
  • Booking Information PDF with all the details clearly laid out
  • Split the payment over time


  • 1am Party Music
  • Finish Afternoon Sets (acoustic or party)
  • Ceremony Music

Free party music from 7pm until 12am. 1am finish for only £50. 2am for only £100. 

We spent hours creating and pruning our party music playlists.  We use these playlists with a 12 second crossover with no gap. We change the order and queue songs as needed for the guests.

Any songs which you would like us to play on the event, either send over your own playlist, or a list of songs and we will ensure that happens!

Request your first dance be played by the band. 95% of the time, we will be able to do it!

Our PA is suitable for up to around 120 people. For those events bigger than our PA can handle, we hire in a PA from a local company at a discounted rate from as little as £30.  


  • (Add-on) 1pm: Ceremony
  • (Add-on) 3pm: Afternoon Set
  • 7pm: Party Music Start
  • 8pm: First Dance & Set
  • 9.30pm: Second Set
  • 12am: Party Music Finish
  • (Add-0n) 1am: Party Music Finish
  • (Add-0n) 2am: Party Music Finish

PA & Lighting: The band are fully self contained up to approx 120 people. For larger events we will need to fire in a PA, and for huge events, possibly an engineer too. 

PLI & PAT: Please email for our certificiates. We have £10m PLI. 

Power: At least one plug socket. Ideally 2-4. And ideally not on the same circuit as things such as lighting, dishwashers etc.  However, we will make anything work. Even if it is just 1 socket. We don’t use much power. 

Noise Limiters: Although noise limiters aren’t ideal, we work with them often and know how to make use of the EQ spectrum to stop it being an issue. 

Payment Options: In order of popularity.

  • 4-Stage Payment Plan. Pay your balance in 4 equal instalments, between now and your big day. 
  • 50% of the balance is payable as a deposit at the time of booking and the final balance before the date
  • Pay Balance In Full At Time Of Booking – Pay the balance of your wedding in full at the time of booking.